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National Register of Historic Places

National Register of Historic Places

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National Register of Historic Places

The Vollintine Evergreen (VE) neighborhood encompasses one of the largest collections of early 20th Century residential and commercial buildings in the City of Memphis. The neighborhood includes four separate National Register Historic Districts reflecting different periods of the neighborhood’s development from 1890 to 1957. The National Register nominations for these districts provide a fascinating and detailed history of the area, as well as a list, architectural descriptions, and dates of construction for more than 4,000 commercial and residential structures within the neighborhood. The neighborhood’s four historic districts include:

  • Vollintine Evergreen Historic District (1890-1946), bounded by Watkins, Vollintine, Faxon, Jackson and University streets. Learn about the history of this district (including the date and architectural style of houses and buildings) HERE in this nomination written in 1997.
  • Vollintine Evergreen North Historic District (1914-1947), bounded by McLean, Vollintine, University and Rainbow Circle. Access the nomination for this area VECA HERE.
  • Vollintine Evergreen Avalon Historic District (1925-1947), bounded by Stonewall, Vollintine, Evergreen and Cypress Creek. Access this nomination HERE.
  • Vollintine Hills Historic District (1946-1957), bounded by Vollintine, Brown, McLean and Evergreen. Read about the history of Vollintine Hills HERE.

Finding which district your house located in: You can determine this from the street boundary descriptions above. Once you determine the historic district, you can find your house in that nomination by searching the property inventory which is organized alphabetically by street. Alternatively, you can use the “find” or search function, but you must use the exact format used in the nomination. For the Vollintine Evergreen, Vollintine Evergreen North and Vollintine Evergreen Avalon Historic Districts search by typing in the street address, followed by street name, followed by a period. (Example: 1845 Crump.) For Vollintine Hills Historic District, type in street name followed by address with no period following. (Example: Crump 1845).

Neighborhood History

The Vollintine Evergreen neighborhood was developed from approximately 1890 through 1957. The early history of the community is associated with dairy farming and later with the development of the Memphis Parkways system from 1890 through 1915. The city’s eastward expansion at this time along the Parkways, including North Parkway, spurred new subdivision development in Vollintine Evergreen as well as in adjoining neighborhoods such as Evergreen to the south and Hyde Park to the east. The relocation of Southwestern University (now Rhodes College) to Memphis in 1925 was an added stimulus for growth of the neighborhood.

For a detailed history of the neighborhood, see the National Register nominations above and the MIFA History of Vollintine Evergreen available HERE on this website.

Architectural Styles

(Under Construction): Architectural styles found in the Vollintine Evergreen neighborhood include Queen Anne, Four Square, Craftsman, Bungalow, Tudor and English Cottage Revival, Dutch Colonial Revival, Spanish Revival, and Eclectic styles. The neighborhood also contains several historic commercial districts, as well as numerous churches, schools, apartment buildings, and Rhodes College. In addition, there are historic MLGW utility structures built for pumping artesian water, WPA bridges and the former L&N Railroad, which has been converted by the neighborhood into a public footpath known as the V&E Greenline. (Under construction: To view a description of various house styles, as well as illustrative drawings or photos, click here.)